Camp Regulations

UltraLight Cycling Camp Regulations:

  1. The company UltraLight Wojciech Jackiewicz Zielonogórska 2 lok 1 15-674 Białystok VAT EU PL5422114852 is hereinafter referred to as the organizer.
  2. A person applying for a camp is hereinafter referred to as a participant.
  3. The organizer is not responsible for damage to bicycles during transportation due to improper packaging. Participant is responsible for all damages to his bicycle or case during any transportation period.
  4. The participant’s bike, taken on a trip, must be technically efficient. Service care is included including basic bicycle repairs that may occur during the camp will be provided with no additional cost. Participant covers parts cost.
  5. The participant will be required to obtain a navigation device that supports routes in the .tcx or.gpx format. This will avoid missing or lost during training. The organizer is not responsible for lost participants who do not have navigational or unskillful devices.
  6. The participant must take an exercise mat for a morning start-up and a sheet or a large towel for each physio-therapeutic treatment. It is forbidden to use towels or blankets that are in the apartments outside of apartment.
  7. The organizer will assign all participants numbers that will be included in the physiotherapist schedule. Hours will be determined by random means.
  8. Physio-therapeutic treatments (including massage) will take place between 17:00 and 21:00. In the case of leaving the deadline or being late above 15 minutes, the treatment is forfeited. Two treatments are included per week.
  9. There is a possibility of buying additional number of treatments, the price for individual treatments, will be determined individually for each participant of the camp, depending on the time of treatment and the type of treatment.
  10. The organizer provides full travel insurance including sports equipment. Sports equipment from random damage on the trip, insured up to PLN 3000 (around 700 EURO). The participant undertakes not to be held liable for any damages of the organizer, and all claims apply to the insurance company..
  11. The participant who does not use the transfer from/to the airport proposed by the organizer for 20 EURO per person with bicycle, will be obliged to get to the camp site at his own expense or pay a fee of 30 EURO per person for individual transport prepared by the organizer on the route – airport or return.